Nature is at the centre of our extraordinary care range.

All our care products are developed for your dog with this in mind. We exclusively use natural and certified organic ingredients to support your dog's vitality and natural beauty as we strongly believe that we shouldn't give our beloved companions anything that we wouldn't use ourselves.

vimi products comply with the most modern standards which are used today in the creation of our care range. For that reason we refrain from using parabens, silicone or artificial fragrances and apply only certified natural ingredients.



mild ear cleanser

marigold • witch hazel • camomile

certified organic

Gentle ear cleansing

Good Listener makes regular ear cleaning as comfortable as ever!
The mild formula of our ear cleanser is based on the natural care effect of witch hazel combined with marigold and camomile for gentle daily cleansing of the ear.



shampoo for dogs
perfectly ph-balanced

lavender • geranium • margosa

purely natural

Smooth fur? Naturally!

Treat yourself and your dog to this special care experience – because a healthy, shiny fur is not only nice to look at and to touch, it is also proof of your dog's well-being!

Silky Shine was developed for the regular care and special cleaning of the dog's coat.

It solely consists of natural, certified organic ingredients.

It contains the essential oils of Lavender, Pelargonie and Margosa, which can repel skin parasites and are harmoniously attuned to your dog's sensitive skin.

No parabens, sulphates, silicone, artificial fragrances, petrochemical ingredients or in vivo tests!



dog soap

lavender • margosa • thyme

purely natural

The Wellness Statement!

The modern dog wants to be pampered just like you. So what could be better than our traditionally designed dog soap Lovely Foam!

Our shampoo soap is hand-made from selected plant oils, is mildly rehydrating and does not disturb the acid protective layer of the dog's

The basis of our shampoo care-soaps are pure plant oils obtained from certified organic farming. We refrain from using artificial preservatives,
parabens, silicone or animal products. Therefore, Lovely Foam cleanses in a mild way and produces a creamy foam.

The special processing of our soap, which is rolled five times, ensures a delightful consistency and contains the natural fragrance of essential

Lovely Foam is also well suited for dogs with sensitive skin and creates an easy-to-brush and shiny coat - every day.



paw protection for dogs

beeswax • sunflower • shea-butter

These feet are made for walking!

The dog's paw is a miracle of nature and not only made for walks. It is an important protection for our best friend.

Soothing Balm has been especially developed to help this miracle withstand the daily stresses and strains.

Be it hot asphalt in summer or widely salted pavements in winter. Either of these can be irritating to the dog's paw.

Soothing Balm nurtures the skin and dry areas on the snout or elbows – all this with purely natural, certified organic ingredients which contain no parabens, silicones, sulphates or petrochemical components.

A small amount of our high-quality paw balm is enough to nurture the dog’s paw. Every day and on every walk!



refreshing protective spray

sunflower • rose geranium • lavender

certified organic

Tender loving care, extending beneath the skin

Our care formula, Pure Harmony, contains effective vegetable ingredients sourced from controlled organic farming.

Spray the fine, aqua-free Pure Harmony mist once or twice in your hands – the natural oils best evolve with the warmth of your hands. Then, massage the oil gently into the dog's skin. In this way, you can treat your dog with a daily dose of tender loving care, as well as important essential nutrients.

The coat becomes dazzingly beautiful and will feel the same way.

Pure Harmony is aqua-free to support the skin during its daily regeneration. It doesn't dry out and its natural hydration structures will remain intact.

The herbal oils of Pure Harmony are complementary to each other and are also suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.

Coat care which just feels good.



refreshing protective spray

natural remedy

certified organic

Tender Loving Care For Your Horse

The proven care formula, Pure Harmony, has been further developed and especially adapted to cater for the well-being of your horse. It offers healthfulness and nurturing care at the same time.

Pure Harmony is a water-free spray, providing gentle care for a horse’s skin and coat. It consists of purely natural ingredients, produced through controlled organic farming.


sunscreen 30

sun protection for dogs

marigold • jojoba • camomile

Sunscreen for your dog

The sun's harmful rays put a risk on your dog not only in summer but in every season.

In order to protect him, we developed a product with natural ingredients and a mineralic-based sunscreen with sun protection factor 30 for the sensitive dog skin.

The valuable organic ingredients nurture your dog’s skin and the mineral sun protection shields him effectively against UV-A and UV-B radiation.



food supplements for dogs
to revitalise and nurture their skin and coat

biotin • zinc • ginseng

Coat care from the inside!

Nowadays, our dogs are exposed to severe environmental pollutants. Most of them distress the skin, the major barrier for parasites and pathogens.

Therefore, it is important that the coat remains healthy and resistant from the inside. Because a shiny coat is not only a beauty feature but also indicates a healthy nutrient balance.

Our unique formula ensures the highest possible bioavailability and together with the selected vital nutrients support each other in their function.

The result: a healthy and balanced supply of nutrients for both skin and coat.



gentle heat and cold treatment

grapeseeds • cotton

Cuddly comfort in its best form!

The vimi Snuggle Pillow™ will be your dog’s best friend in every situation where that little bit of extra cuddliness is needed. Tailor made from organic cotton and filled with organic grape seeds, its extraordinary capabilities will easily resolve stressful situations. The pillow can be heated in the oven and the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator depending on the application.



gentle coat care

purely natural • handmade

The Brush was crafted with greatest craftsmanship and care. The coat and skin brush was intricately crafted from regional maple and soft, pure goat hair and horses’ mane hair and provides the best coat care every dog can imagine. While the soft brush offers pure wellness even fort he most sensitive puppy and dog, the design made from mane hair is ideally suited for thicker fur.




100% merino wool felt • stainless steel

The pendant!

Our Felty Dog is the felty personification of vimi's logo. Intricately crafted from 100% merino wool felt and decorated with a bone tag, Felty Dog adorns every key ring, collar and leash.

Available in five colours: light blue, petrol blue, red, taupe, brown

Care is love

Your dog's care is not only a necessity, it is so much more:


is part of happiness


mean trust

Taking care

of the essential


Natural care for our dogs – that is what we at VIMI work on every day. Our unique formulas are specially designed for your dog's sensitive skin and bring well-being into your home.


And because we think that your dog should feel totally happy, you can find also this brand from us.


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